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What you need to know as an undergraduate applicant

Come to Appalachian State University with confidence and earn your bachelor’s degree through one of our App State Online programs. We are here to answer your questions so you can fulfill your educational and career goals.

General education requirement

Classes included in Appalachian’s General Education requirement help you develop intellectual skills that will enhance your professional, civic and personal life for years to come. All App State Online undergraduate programs (with the exception of RN-BSN) specify General Education be met before graduation. The requirements can be met in one of several ways.

Transferring Credit

Once you have been admitted to Appalachian, our transfer admissions evaluators will review your previously earned college credit and help you understand which courses transfer. You can also check for yourself which credits will likely transfer with our transfer equivalency course search.

Applicants to our undergraduate App State Online programs are required to meet university transfer admission requirements.

Lower division requirements

Some undergraduate programs have lower division (freshman, sophomore level) course requirements. Lower division course requirements for specific programs can be found by visiting our Undergraduate program pages.

  1. Submission of acceptable Praxis I or Praxis CORE scores (allow at least 4 weeks for the scores to be received from ETS)
  2. Total college credit hours of at least 45 semester hours (transfer hours + Appalachian courses)
  3. Completed at least 12 semester hours and a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA (2.5 for those who enrolled prior to Fall 2016) on Appalachian State University coursework.
  4. Completed CI 2300 and FDN 2400 and an equivalent of ENG 1000 (ENG 111) with minimum grade of "C"
  5. No Incomplete grades
  6. Current (no older than 6 months) Criminal Background Check (students will be prompted to initiate this process after all other requirements listed above have been met)
  7. Completed and submitted Application for Admission to Teacher Education

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