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Appalachian graduates are industry leaders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who understand that today’s complex business environment requires global competency and sustainable business practices. Our business programs prepare and inspire students to be ethical, innovative and engaged – at work and in communities across the world.

Whether you want to hone your strategic thinking skills, run your own business or get a better job, Appalachian’s programs will provide you with the learning opportunities and real-world applications to help you pursue your vision and develop your future.

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Cancellation Policy

Appalachian State University reserves the right to cancel the start of any App State Online program due to the lack of sufficient, sustainable enrollment (typically 15 for graduate programs and 18 for undergraduate programs). In the event of a cancellation for insufficient enrollment, application fees will be refunded. Refunds will also be issued for any tuition and fees paid by applicants. These refund policies apply only to canceled programs. When program starts are delayed, students may opt for a refund or apply their application to the new semester.