About the App State Online Nutrition and Foods - Nutrition and Wellness Degree

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App State’s online bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Foods - Nutrition and Wellness is your opportunity to gain an understanding of the relationship between nutrition and human health. This degree is designed to prepare you to enter a rewarding field in which the health and lives of others may be significantly improved through your knowledge and skills.

Demonstrate your ability to apply the food and nutrition concepts and skills you study online to real-world scenarios during your internship.

If you are interested in having a broad-based degree in nutrition but do not plan to become a registered dietitian, this could be the program for you.

Explore the Beaver College of Health Science website for more information on the Foods and Nutrition - Nutrition and Wellness program.


You’ll gain a strong foundation in the sciences and take a wide variety of food and nutrition courses, preparing you for work in community health and wellness, food assistance programming, food science or even the food industry.

You’ll take online Nutrition and Foods courses such as:

  • Nutrition Education
  • Cultural Foods
  • Nutrition Across the Lifecycle

In addition to classes in discipline-specific skills, a well-rounded general education curriculum provides you with skills that enrich your abilities in the workplace.

Review general education requirements, which must be met before graduation.

See the complete online curriculum, including course descriptions.


App State’s online Nutrition and Foods - Nutrition and Wellness program admits both first-year college students and transfer students from other degree or nutrition programs. Find more information on application requirements below.

  • If you are a current high school senior or haven't attended college since graduating high school (including Early/Middle college applicants), review First-Year Admission Requirements.
  • If you have completed college coursework since graduating high school (including military service member or veteran and second-degree seeking applicants), review Transfer Admission Requirements. Visit our transfer equivalency course search to see how your previous coursework transfers to the App State Online program.
  • If you have previously taken classes at App State and would like to re-enroll, review our Readmissions Requirements.


Community health workers and nutritionists are highly sought after. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the number of available positions increasing by 17% over by 2030 — faster than the average for all professions.

More than 125,000 community health workers and nutritionists are employed in the United States alone. If you’re looking to enter a profession that is in demand and gives you the opportunity to do meaningful work focused on improving the lives of others, a nutrition career could be the perfect choice.

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