Is your college campus your favorite place? Do you love academia? Build a career around higher education as a college or university administrator.

The online Master of Arts in Higher Education program supplies the knowledge and credentials needed to work in postsecondary education administration.

Have a master’s degree, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a doctoral program? Many of our students use the online Higher Education: Education Specialist (EdS) degree program to further advance their careers.

What Does a Career as a Postsecondary Education Administrator Look Like?

Plan, direct or coordinate research, instruction, student administration, student services or other educational activities at postsecondary institutions. Postsecondary education administrators find employment at universities, colleges and junior and community colleges.

School administrators of this level typically:

  • Design or use assessments to monitor student learning outcomes.
  • Recruit, hire, train and terminate departmental personnel.
  • Explore strategies for increasing matriculation rates, improving quality of student applicants and retaining a high percentage of students.
  • Direct, coordinate and evaluate the activities of personnel, including support staff engaged in administering academic institutions, departments or alumni organizations.
  • Advise students on issues such as course selection, progress toward graduation and career decisions.
  • Plan, administer and control budgets.
  • Maintain financial records and work with financial reports.

Postsecondary Education Administrator Career Salary and Forecast

Professionals working in North Carolina as college or university administrators earn a median salary of $67,273 (as of 2018).

The average salary in North Carolina as college or university administrators is $67,273 (as of 2018). this average salary is above the living wage for North Carolina

Job opportunities for North Carolina college or university administrators are growing at a rate of 10.89% per year. This job growth rate is higher than the national labor market average of 7.4%.

The number of people employed in this field is expected to grow over the next 10 years.

What Education is Required to Work as a Postsecondary Education Administrator?

Over half of the professionals currently working as college or university administrators have a master’s degree, and approximately 20% have a doctoral degree.

Associates Degree: 16.7% Bachelor's Degree: 70.6%
								Master's Degree: 50.8% Doctoral Degree: 19.8%

Postsecondary Education Administrator Job Opportunities

Job titles in this industry vary by employer. Graduates of this degree program find employment working as the following:

  • College Administrator
  • University Administrator
  • Academic Affairs Vice President
  • Academic Dean
  • Admissions Director
  • College President
  • Dean
  • Financial Aid Director
  • Institutional Research Director
  • Provost
  • Registrar
  • Dean of Students

Postsecondary education administrators are in demand. Explore job opportunities here.

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