The online Higher Education: Education Specialist (EdS) degree at App State

Become a change leader on your campus with the Higher Education: Education Specialist (EdS) program. You will dig deep into a variety of topics specific to higher education, setting you on a course to increase your influence in colleges, universities and community colleges.

Manage organizational change and become a creative, effective thought leader at colleges, universities and community colleges. You will learn to promote student success and social justice; strengthen the education of non-traditional and underrepresented students; integrate theory and practice; and assume an educational leadership role.

The EdS program can impact your career trajectory. It can also lay the groundwork for doctoral studies at Appalachian or elsewhere. Doctoral program admissions are competitive and not guaranteed by enrolling in an EdS program. If admitted into the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program at Appalachian, up to 30 credit hours of the EdS program may transfer.

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Degree details


  • The Community College and University Leadership concentration prepares you for mid- and upper-level management and administration positions in colleges and universities. Click for course information.
  • The Adult and Developmental Education concentration readies you to design, deliver and evaluate educational programs for adults in community colleges and universities, allied health programs, industry, the community and other agencies and organizations offering adult education. Click for course information.
  • Completion time: five semesters

(Not every course listed may be delivered to App State Online students, but you will be offered all courses required for the degree.)

Program information

  • This program blends synchronous (set meeting times in an online classroom) and asynchronous (with coursework completed on your schedule) courses
  • Completion time: two years

Eligibility and application requirements


Applicants must:

Admissions exam:

GRE or MAT waivers are available if the applicant has a graduate GPA of 3.0 or better

No exam waiver is automatic but will require review and approval by the Graduate School upon submission of a complete application. An approved waiver request does not guarantee acceptance into the program. A denied waiver request does not mean that a candidate is denied admission to the program, only that a standardized exam score is needed to more fully evaluate the application. Standardized test scores may be required for scholarship consideration.

Applicants whose graduate GPA is below 3.0 will be required to take the official general GRE or MAT exam in accordance with Graduate School policy.

Application requirements:

  • Completed online application to graduate school
  • Application fee
  • Official transcripts must be submitted showing any completed degrees and transcripts showing any coursework completed at institutions other than Appalachian in the last five years
  • Resume
  • Three references

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