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What Does a Career as a Librarian Look Like?

Librarians perform library services and administrative duties.

Librarians typically:

  • Check books and media in and out of the library.
  • Teach patrons basic computer skills, such as searching computerized databases.
  • Review and evaluate materials
  • Use book reviews, catalogs, faculty recommendations and current holdings to select and order print, audio-visual and digital media.
  • Search standard reference materials, including online sources and the Internet, to answer reference questions, assist in research and support students, library patrons and academic staff.
  • Keep up-to-date records of circulation and materials, maintain inventory and correct cataloging errors.

Librarian Career Salary and Forecast

Professionals working in North Carolina as librarians earn a median salary of $53,216 (as of 2018).

The average salary in North Carolina as a librarian is $53,216 (as of 2018). this average salary is above the living wage for North Carolina

Job opportunities for North Carolina professionals working in library science are growing at a rate of 5.97% per year.

The number of people employed in this field is expected to grow over the next 10 years.

What Education is Required to Work as a Librarian?

Approximately 65% of the professionals currently working in library science have a master’s degree, and approximately 12% have a doctoral degree.

Higher shcool/Less than Associates: 13.1% Associates Degree: 0.3% Bachelor's Degree: 42.6%
								Master's Degree: 64.5% Doctoral Degree: 12.3%

Librarian Job Opportunities

Job titles in this industry vary by employer. Graduates of this degree program find employment working as the following:

  • Adult Services Librarian
  • K-12 School Librarian
  • College Librarian
  • University Librarian
  • Catalog Librarian
  • Children's Librarian
  • Librarian
  • Library Director
  • Library Media Specialist
  • Public Services Librarian
  • Reference Librarian
  • School Librarian
  • Technical Services Librarian
  • Youth Services Librarian

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