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The online Master of Health Administration degree supplies the knowledge and credentials needed to work as a health care administrator.

What Does a Career as a Health Care Administrator Look Like?

Health care administrators direct the operation of hospitals, health systems and other types of health care organizations. They have responsibility for facilities, services, programs, staff, budgets, relations with other organizations and other management functions, depending on the type and size of the organization.

Health care administrators typically:

  • Direct, supervise and evaluate work activities of medical, nursing, technical, clerical, service, maintenance and other personnel.  
  • Direct or conduct recruitment, hiring and training of personnel.  
  • Develop and implement organizational policies and procedures for the facility or medical unit.  
  • Conduct and administer fiscal operations, including accounting, planning budgets, authorizing expenditures, establishing rates for services and coordinating financial reporting.

Health Care Administrator Career Salary and Forecast

Professionals working in North Carolina as health care administrators earn a median salary of $80,953 (as of 2018).

The average salary in North Carolina as health care administrators is $80,953 (as of 2018). this average salary is above the living wage for North Carolina

Job opportunities for North Carolina health care administrators are growing at a rate of 22% per year. This job growth rate is significantly higher than the national labor market average of 7.4%.

The number of people employed in this field is expected to grow over the next 10 years.

What Education is Required to Work as a Health Care Administrator?

Most professionals currently working as health care administrators have a bachelor’s degree, and approximately a third have a master’s degree.

Associates Degree: 16.7% Bachelor's Degree: 82.7% 
								Master's Degree: 34.7% Doctoral Degree: 8.7%

Health Care Administrator Job Opportunities

Job titles in this industry vary by employer. Graduates of this degree program find employment working as the following:

  • Health Care Administrator
  • Health Care Manager
  • Health Services Manager
  • Clinical Practice Specialist
  • Health Care Systems Department Director
  • Chief Medical Information Officer

Health care administrators are in demand. Explore job opportunities here.

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