Inspire. Instruct. Impact. Make a difference as a secondary school teacher specializing in career and technical education.

The Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education degree supplies the knowledge and credentials needed to work as a secondary school teacher with this specialization.

What Does a Career as a Middle or High School Teacher Look Like?

Middle or high school educators specializing in career and technical education typically:

  • Prepare instructional materials and classrooms for class activities.
  • Instruct through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations in one or more subjects, such as engineering, business, hospitality or information technology.
  • Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects.
  • Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order in the classroom.
  • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests.

Middle or High School Teacher Career Salary and Forecast

Professionals working in North Carolina as middle or high school school teachers specializing in career and technical education earn a median salary of $60,232 (as of 2018). Job opportunities for North Carolina middle or high school teachers with this speciality are growing at a rate of 4.26% per year.

The average salary in North Carolina for graduates of this program is $79,812 (as of 2018). This average salary is above the living wage for North Carolina

What Education is Required to Work as a Middle or High School Teacher?

Most middle or high school career and technical education teachers begin their careers with a bachelor’s degree in either education or in a specific subject (example: business, CTE or information technology). Just under a quarter have a master’s degree.

All advertised education levels: Associates Degree: 5.5% Bachelor's Degree: 78.2% Master's Degree: 23.6% Doctoral Degree: 0%

Teaching Job Opportunities

Job titles in this industry vary by institution.

  • High school teacher
  • Middle school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Secondary school educator
  • Technical school educator
  • Community college instructor
  • Career education instructor
  • Charter school teacher
  • Vocational program educator

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